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 Question GMAT-PS-1ExponentsMedium
 Question GMAT-PS-2Linear EquationsMedium
 Question GMAT-PS-3Number PropertiesChallenging
 Question GMAT-PS-4Word ProblemsHard
 Question GMAT-PS-5Number PropertiesMedium
 Question GMAT-PS-6Word ProblemsMedium
 Question GMAT-PS-7Number PropertiesHard
 Question GMAT-PS-8GeometryChallenging
 Question GMAT-PS-9GeometryChallenging
 Question GMAT-PS-10FunctionsChallenging
 Question GMAT-DS-1ExponentsMedium
 Question GMAT-DS-2Word ProblemsChallenging
 Question GMAT-DS-3Number PropertiesChallenging
 Question GMAT-DS-4Word ProblemsMedium
 Question GMAT-DS-5InequalitiesChallenging
 Question GMAT-DS-6Quadratic EquationChallenging
 Question GMAT-DS-7GeometryChallenging
 Question GMAT-DS-8GeometryChallenging
 Question GMAT-DS-9GeometryChallenging
 Question GMAT-DS-10ProbabilityHard
 Question GMAT-CR-1Find the FlawMedium
 Question GMAT-CR-2AssumptionHard
 Question GMAT-CR-3InferenceMedium
 Question GMAT-CR-4Complete the ArgumentMedium
 Question GMAT-CR-5Strengthen the ArgumentHard
 Question GMAT-CR-6Weaken the ArgumentEasy
 Question GMAT-CR-7Method of ReasoningMedium
 Question GMAT-CR-8BoldfaceEasy
 Question GMAT-CR-9Evaluate the ArgumentEasy
 Question GMAT-CR-10Resolve the ParadoxEasy
 Question GMAT-RC-1 6 Questions - Variable Level
 Question GMAT-RC-2 4 Questions - Variable Level
 Question GMAT-SC-1Logical Comparison; Redundancy 
 Question GMAT-SC-2Parallelism; Subject Verb Agreement 
 Question GMAT-SC-3Parallelism; Pronoun; Redundancy; Subject Verb Agreement 
 Question GMAT-SC-4Modifier; Subject Verb Agreement 
 Question GMAT-SC-5Grammatical Construction 
 Question GMAT-SC-6Parallel Structure; Redundancy 
 Question GMAT-SC-7Grammatical Construction; Rhetorical Construction 
 Question GMAT-SC-8Parallel Structure; Redundancy 
 Question GMAT-SC-9Grammatical Construction; Parallelism 
 Question GMAT-SC-10Prepositions; Subject Verb Agreement 

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